Panoramica dal terrazzo dell'appartamento Belvedere


Terradura is a historic village in the municipality of Ascea in the Cilento National Park in the south of the province of Salerno. A country located in the hills with a typically medieval urban layout. Where the values of tradition and attachment to their origins are still very much felt. The location of the village allows to move easily along the coast and the tourist attractions of the hinterland.
From the hill you can see the beaches of Ascea and the ancient city of Elea-Velia, which was home of the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno and today declared World Heritage by Unesco. It is a must for those who are on vacation in Cilento.


The Municipality of Ascea is among the most important summer tourist destinations of the Cilento coast. Ascea Marina beach is 5 km long and ends at the south side in the most charming area: the Cliff. Here you can admire the "Giglio Marino", the typical Mediterranean flora, and discover the Baia d'Argento and Rondinella. In the highest of the City, in the village of Catona, is the Shrine of Our Lady of Carmel, one of the Seven Churches sisters look at each other in the valley that leads to the sea from Mount Gelbison.
"Elea Outdoor" and "Cilento Outdor" are the associations that organize guided hikes in summer and spring.

What to visit

  • The Temples of Paestum
    about 25 km in the municipality of Capaccio
  • Castellabate
    about 25 km in the municipality of Castellabate
  • The Museum of the Sea and the Mediterranean Diet in Pioppi
    about 9 km in the municipality of Pollica
  • The archaeological site of Velia
    about 7 km in the municipality of Ascea
  • The Blue Cave in Palinuro
    about 30 km in the municipality of Centola
  • River Calore
    about 40 km in the municipality of Felitto
  • The Caves of Castelcivita
    about 40 km in the municipality of Castelcivita
  • The Infreschi Bay
    about 40 km in the municipality of Camerota

What to do

  • Sea Excursions to Palinuro and Marina di Camerota
  • Diving activities in Palinuro and Casal Velino
  • Hiking and horseback riding in Cilento
  • Canyoning in the rivers of the National Park of Cilento